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The term "White Hat" originates from the Vietnam War where Gary Carlson served as a member of the 26th Marines. The "good guys" were referred to as "White Hats". (Perhaps just a little influence from our nostalgic love for the American cowboy.)

Together, the Carlson's have published the White Hat Express newsletter for over 25 years. It focuses on current and political issues from a conservative perspective. The newsletter is distributed via the internet and is free to its subscribers.

Gary Carlson, Publisher, is a former Reagan Administration Political Appointee, a retired US Marine Corps officer, and a former candidate for both the US Senate and the House of Representatives. He also taught Political Science and the US Constitution at the college level.

Joan Carlson, Editor, has worked on Capitol Hill in three offices, testified before the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, is a freelance writer and owner of Outreach Enterprises.

                          Both Carlson's have held GOP positions and have been involved in Republican Party activities in four states, including                                              California, Virginia, Minnesota and Montana.

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